Contact Details

To contact Fulford Parish Council please email the Parish Clerk, Mrs Rachel Robinson

The Parish Clerk's contact hours are:

Tuesday 10 am - 2 pm; Wednesday 10 am - 2 pm; Thursday 10 am - 2 pm.

Outside of the above contact hours emails and voicemails will be checked periodically (except on Fridays) but responses may be delayed. Telephone contact may be made on 07719 211979 during the above contact hours or by leaving a message with Fulford Cemetery on 01904 633151. N.B. During school holidays the Parish Clerk will work irregular hours but will respond to emails and voicemails at the earliest opportunity.

Fulford Cemetery - 01904 633151 /

Social Hall Bookings/Enquiries - 01904 633151 /

Allotments Enquiries - 01904 633151 /