Fulford Parish Council opens first Green Cemetery for York

Wednesday 4th May 2011

Fulford Parish Council is pleased to announce the opening by Sue Galloway, the Lord Mayor of York the first green Cemetery for York on 4th May 2011. The area which is an extension to the current burial ground at Fulford offers an alternative facility to the citizens of Fulford, York and beyond. Currently the new natural burial area, which is accessed from the existing cemetery through a lych gate is a spacious green area but planting schemes are underway and in a few years time the area will have attractive glades of trees and be adorned by swathes of bulbs and wild flowers. It is hoped that it will also become a sanctuary for birds and wildlife and will offer an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional burial which is becoming very popular.

For further information and for current fees and a copy of the rules regulating green burials please contact the Cemetery Superintendent, Stuart McCabe on York 633151.