Fulford Parish Council effort to buy Ings Land for the Community

Tuesday 14th July 2020

A plot of land extending to some 8.3 acres was sold at auction on 14 July 2020. Fulford Parish Council had hoped to buy the land as a public amenity, adding to the cultural and wildlife heritage of the village, but were unsuccessful and outbid.
The Parish Council had set aside some of its funds and initiated a crowdfunding campaign that raised a substantial amount, owing to the great generosity of more than 250 donors, from individuals through to organisations, to whom the Parish Council is immensely grateful. Arrangements are in hand to return all the donations so generously given.
The enthusiasm expressed by local people to buy this land shows just how important green public space is to the community, and despite the loss of this land, the Parish Council hopes to work with local people to care for and improve the open spaces that are in the Council’s stewardship

If you made a private donation direct to the Parish Council, please contact clerk@fulfordpc.org.uk to make arrangements to return your donation by bank transfer. All donations made to GoFundMe will be returned by them direct.