A19 Fulford Road Corridor Improvements

A19 Fulford Road Corridor Improvements.

Work commenced on the next stage of the Fulford Road corridor developments in late January.

This phase covers the section between Hospital Fields Road and Heslington Lane and includes the following:

  • Improvements to the Hospital Fields Road, Broadway and Heslington Lane junctions.
  • City-bound bus lanes on the approaches to the Broadway and Hospital Fields Road junctions.
  • 1.5m wide on-road cycle lanes which will be continuous on the western (city-bound) side and provided on the eastern (outbound) side where space permits.
  • An off-road shared use cycle facility on the eastern side.
  • Upgraded pedestrian crossing facilities.
  • Parking and waiting restrictions to protect the bus lanes, cycle lanes, junctions and accesses.
  • Retention of some onstreet parking on Fulford Main Street.

The works should be substantially completed by Easter 2010.

When the latest works are completed there will be a continuous city-bound cycle lane from Heslington Lane to Cemetery Road. Out-bound cyclists will also have a continuous route with a combination of on-road and off-road facilities. There should also be an improvement in peak period bus journey times.