Germany Beck

Germany Beck Planning Application - Historical Information

The Parish Council has formed a sub-committee to maintain a watching brief over the development at Germany Beck to ensure that the interests of parishioners are represented fairly and that planning conditions are adhered to, as well as working proactively to improve the coming development wherever possible, particularly in its impact on the established community.

The City of York Council was minded to grant outline planning approval, Thursday 26th May 2005. Some City Councillors were not happy with the scale of the development & single access road, which places additional demand on to the A19/Main Street, which is already at capacity & is the most congested road into the City. However, motions to defer in order to sort this out and to reduce the number of houses back to 600 (as in the Development Brief) were voted down and approval granted.

Background history for reference:

Thanks, we believe, to the vocal opposition of local people and the outstanding issues surrounding them, we have now had Public Inquiries on the Germany Beck and Derwenthorpe developments as well as the University expansion (Heslington East). These have now concluded.

The decision of the Secretary of State was to allow all three developments and the last hope for a legal challenge seems now to have gone.

The Parish Council sought legal advice on whether it had a valid case to challenge the decision on Germany Beck. The Council had to decide by the 19th June whether to seek to challenge the decision in the High Court, perhaps resulting in a judicial review.

The Council wished to ensure that it consulted parishioners before making such a decision. We therefore invited all residents of Fulford to a public meeting at 7.30 p.m. on Monday 11th June 2007 at the Social Hall, School Lane, at which the situation was described in more detail and parishioners' views heard. The overwhelming feeling of the 80-90 parishioners at the meeting was to start the challenge if the Council was advised that we had a strong case and over £3,000 was generously pledged by attendees to form a fighting fund for the purpose. The Parish Council then voted unanimously so to do.

However, we were advised that, despite having valid points, we did not have a strong enough case for the Courts to overturn the decision. We would like to thank all the parishioners who attended the emergency meeting and offered their support. We are waiting for the City Council to re-form the Consultative Group which may have some input into detailed plans, but not overall matters already given permission. We are seeking direct representation for local members of the public as well stakeholding groups and the Parish Council.

The Parish Council's detailed case on Germany Beck was submitted. Many thanks are due to the councillors, colleagues and parishioners who attended, contributed and spoke in opposition to the developments, particularly the constant vigilance of Cllr Campbell over the course of the Inquiry.

The Planning Inspectorate, acting for the Secretary of State, will now effectively grant or deny planning approval for each of the developments as proposed in their original applications. The Inspectorate may add further conditions to approval, if given. If denied approval, the applications are likely to be re-submitted later in a form which takes account of the reasons for denial.

The structure & timetable of the Inquiry (2006):

14th June General Housing requirements
15th am General Housing affordability
20th June Financial Appraisal
21st Green Belt & Questions
22nd Evidence from Mr George Wright
Pm Sequential testing paper
23rd Osbaldwick Parish Council
27th 6th July Osbaldwick

Germany Beck
11th July Layout + Conservation + Design
12th Fulford Village Design Statement, Fulford Friends, York Green Party, John Hutton, Karin de Vries, Mr Richardson, Peter Barton.
13th Travel and Traffic Peter Eveley, Brian Hall, Keith Aspden, Green Party, Wilf Mellor.
14th Flooding
18th Conservation Ray Gammell, Bob Missen
19th Archaeology Charles Jones
20th Fulford Village Design Statement, Heslington PC.

27th or 28th - Site visit

We understand that the Local Government Office recommended that the Germany Beck and Derwenthorpe developments should be addressed together & then the University expansion, but in the event they were taken in reverse order. The results of the University Inquiry will not be known until after the others are over & so will not be taken into account.

Members of the public were asked to attend on the first day of the Inquiry to ask to speak in person. We booked an evening meeting on Thursday 20th July at St. Oswald's Primary School to allow further local objections to be heard, particularly to the latest set of changes to the plans, including a wholly inapropriate bus route through Low Moor Avenue and alterations to the pumping station and junction with Fulford Road, including an increase in proposed height.